Welcome to Northern Midwest ZNA



12th Annual Northern Midwest ZNA

Koi Show & Pond Expo

June 8th & 9th  2013

Carmel City Center

Carmel, Indiana

Koi Show & Pond Expo 2013






Show Chairman:
Chester Bailey
Indianapolis, IN  46256
Koi Show Chairman:
Dick Thomas 
1548 Tanglewood Drive,
Lafayette, IN 47905

Trophy                  Sponsorship       Sponsor 

Grand Champion A                   $150        Stephine Chandler                                   

Grand Champion B                   $125         Tomigai Koi Food                                        

Reserve Champion                     $125          Southwest Koi                             

Mature Champion                       $100        Southwest Koi                                                        

Junior Grand Champion               $100         Rick and Pam Jokerst                                    

Baby Grand Champion                $100         Kloubec Koi Farm      

Tategoi                                     $75         Bill Doyle         

Best Male                                 $50         Brenda Thomas

Best in  Size 1                            $50         Kloubec Koi Farm

Best in  Size 2                            $50         Tomigai Koi Food                                 

Best in  Size 3                            $50          Tomigai Koi Food                                

Best in  Size 4                            $50           Bob & Linda Kirkwood                               

Best in  Size 5                            $50          Rick and Pam Jokerst                                

Best in  Size 6                            $50          Richard Thomas                                

Best in  Size 7                            $50          Richard Thomas                                                      

 Best in Variety (5 trophies):   ANY 5 for $100       

Southwest Koi

Showa Southwest Koi

Sanke Southwest Koi

Utsurimono Ultra Balance

Bekko Ultra Balance

Asagi / Shusui Ultra Balance

Koromo Southwest Koi

Hikari-Mujimono Ultra Balance

Goshiki Southwest Koi

Hikari-Moyomono Ultra Balance

Tancho Ecological Laboratories

Gin rin A Ecological Laboratories

Gin rin B Ecological Laboratories

Karwarimono Ecological Laboratories

Hikari-Utsurimono Ecological Laboratories

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Thanks to all for another GREAT show!